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Five Star Fish Processing Testimonials

Updated June 26, 2015


David Tang aka Fishybuzz

Life is good when you find a honest mechanic, and a punctual competent plumber……..and life is almost perfect when you can add to that a fish processor who can be counted on for perfectly cut and packaged fish, and most importantly deliver that perfect product glitch free via air freight delivery to my home in Tucson, Arizona. I have been using 5 star for almost 8 years and they do all of the above with zero drama just darn good service.  5 Star Fish Processing is simply the best!

P.S. their smoked fish is to die for…….


Customer for Life: Steve Kneip

I've been fishing out of San Diego pretty regularly for about 15 years on short trips and long trips. Throughout this time I have made a lot of friends and the two relationships I value the most are the one with my favorite boat, the American Angler and of course Five Star Fish Processing. The crew of the Angler takes exceptional care of the catch and the gang from Five Star finishes it off with perfectly prepared vacuum packed portions of fish and the service is simply the best. With the premium quality of the fish, why would you go anywhere else.

Alan Tani

I’ve had my fish processed by Sarah for perhaps the last 10 years now. Their service has always been top notch. That’s why it was natural to go to her when I started running my own charter. Our format is different than most trips. It’s a "no tag" system where fish are shared evenly at the end of the trip. It’s not a format that works for everyone, but it works well for us. When fish are caught, they go into the RSW without tags. If you have something special and want to tag it, that is still fine. To make this work, you have to have a processor that is willing to go the extra distance to accommodate you, and for the last two years that processor has been Sarah at 5 star!
Alan Tani


David Klein

I love 5 Star Fish Processing! Best customer service! Best product! Most reliable friendly fish processing service available! I’m dedicated to them and they’re dedicated to me! I have used same say and also had my product shipped! Either way they make it so easy. I’ll be back…..again and again!!!!


Stephen Paccione

Don't mess around with any other processors. Stick with the best. Five Star is hands down the top gals on the dock. Don't trust your catch to anyone else!

 John Pherrin Sr.

Simply the best fish processing in San Diego. When you spend thousands of dollars on a long range trip, trust your fish with the best processing there is, Five Star. These gals are the best. Just got back from a 6 day trip on the American Angler. The fish was packed in ice in my cooler and ready at the time the promised. You can't beat 5 Star so don't try. Go with the best, you won't regret it.


Todd Shifflett

I cant beleive how fast they get it done! I will use them on every trip! Keep up the good work!

 Tom Younce

Thank you to the entire Five Star crew for yet again, delivering to me in Missouri, the finest processed fresh caught fish in the Industry.
I am so happy that I made the switch to Five Star 10 years ago.
My fish is incredible and we even grilled fresh Wahoo for my Wife last night. Her first ever Wahoo and now? she's asking me to go fishing again to catch more.
Thank you.

 Gail Wade-Adams

Five Star Fish Processing, BEST in town!!!!

Sonny Jones

I have been longrange fishing for over 15 years and I know quality when I see it. It's called Five Star for a reason. Sarah, you truly run the best fish processing company in San Diego! Keep up the good work.

Scott Redd

Yesterday I picked up my smoked wahoo. Guess what I had for lunch... Absolutely, the best smoked Ono, ever.

Thank you Five Star!

Greg Cox

Just picked up our fish today and what a Great job on the processing our catch from our 5 day trip. As always, the fillets look amazing. Thank you Sarah and the staff for an amazing product that you produce every time, as well as the 5 star customer service. You guys ROCK!!!

Martin Keppeler

Just saw you gals on channel 6 news they made a mistake by not interviewing you instead of a couple guys who where camera shy..... Lol glad to see you down there working away on labor day.... You are the best!!!! Catch them and take them to 5 star!

Stephen Paccione

To the crew at Five Star, Thank you so much for all you guys do!! Just got my fish back from my 6 day trip on the Searcher and everything is perfect! Such a great bunch of people who welcome you at the dock before you leave and are some of the first to say Hi when you return. Great job as always, and a big Thank You!!!, for the shirts and hoodies!!! My bros will be stoked! 

Cool Tuna

5 STAR is the best.. What a great group, the work they do is the best in San Diego. Would not use any other place for cleaning our fish. Smoked Fish can't be beat.

 Tom Younce

The epitome of " GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE " is having Gretchen from Five Star call me 5 minutes ago to confirm that I recieved my fish and to check the status of their FANTASTIC PRODUCT. 
They KNEW that I took delivery by checking their manifests from Southwest. but NO! The ENTIRE staff at Five Star Fish Processing will NEVER rest on their Laurels. These folks go beyond what the average business does. 
These Ladies ALL take their service to the next highest level. They follow up and follow through. They call Nationwide to each and every client to check on their service.
These Ladies, Sarah ESPECIALLY as she is the owner, will have my business for life. NOT ONE OF THE OTHER PROCESSORS has ever, bent over backwards like everyone at Five Star. EVER.
In fact, in 2003 when I used Five Star for the first time, I was living in Buellton, CA and had my own Guiding Outfitting business.
Melody called me to say my Fish was done and I could not make it back to San Diego to pick it up as I was booked solid with Hunting clients.
One of the Men who work for her, VOLUNTEERED to drive my fish to me.
We paid for his fuel and a VERY GENEROUS Tip.
This is just one example of the way, Five Star Fish Processing goes above and beyond the call of Duty.
Thank you Five Star. Yes, I am serving my Wife fresh Grouper tonight because of your service.

 Rod Hutton

Nobody does it better!!!
Rod Hutton, OK 9/10/2013 I Fly in...Fish...Sarah and the Five Star crew meet me at the dock when the boat gets back in and EVERYTHING is taken care of. They process, double seal, flash freeze and fly it back to me in Oklahoma.

 Kenny Phillips

I've tried all the processing plants and the quality that FIVE STAR has is second to none. They treat you like a five star customer everytime!

 Kevin Cullen

Dilemma -- Sunday is grilled tuna night at our house for a while......still have about 70 pounds of frozen Ahi (yellowfin tuna) and Toro (bluefin tuna).

Tonight I couldn't decide whether to make:
1) Grilled ahi with lemon pepper and asparagus risotto OR
2) Blackened ahi with jambalaya with mango jalepeno sausage
I thought why does it always have to be either/or?????
So I made both......each delicious.
Hmmm Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream for dessert --Chocolate Therapy or Red Velvet Cake 
I think I know how this is going to turn out......
Looks like a nice morning run in the morning will be required.

 Beth Reddick Shelton

Thank you Sarah and crew for doing another excellent processing job and getting Mike on the road home so early. You guys are always great. He will be seeing you again in July. 

 Mitchel Wu

You guys rock! Thanks for taking care of my Dad, brother, nephew and I yesterday. And thanks for being so willing and patient while taking all those photos of us with our fish at the dock yesterday. Great service!!

They are the best processor to deal with in San Diego.
Sarah, Gretchen and the rest of the crew, always put for the greatest efforts, customer service and follow up.
I live out here in Missouri and they ship my fish after I call them and tell them I am home. So, I get my fish 3 weeks after my trip. Then, the very next day after I pick my fish up from the airport, Gretchen calls me from Five Star to make sure my fish is there and that it is all okay, that I made it home alright.
These people at Five Star are a massive cut above the rest ofg the processors in the bay.
That is why I have been with them for 8 years now.

Chris Phoenix, Az

When I was living in Denver, I did a trip on the AA in 2008. I had same-day service done by the rock stars at 5-Star Processing. They packed enough to make 2 50# boxes that I checked in as baggage on Southwest. Yellowfin, Yellowtail and Dorado made it back in great shape and I still filled the freezer with more than enough fish for me and my family. (I only brought a carry-on and I used borrowed gear, so the fish were the only checked bags....they were free!) Oh, I also traded some fish in for canned tuna. I had so much to take back the lousy exchange rate didn't bother me too much.
Have a great trip!


My husband Mike had a lot of tuna processed from a recent trip, including 2 over 200#. Every pack was perfect, as always. They are simply the best. Thanks 5 Star!


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