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Five Star Fish Processing Services, in San Diego,CA., is a family owned and operated business. Five Star was established in 2003, although the Saraspe family has been involved in the sport-fishing industry for over 60 years.  Five Star is honored and proud of the customers that have stayed loyal and true to us since we opened our doors, and yearly our customers base grows and grows.  We realize there are choices for fish processing, but none are able to hold a "single star" to the Five Star family.

We proudly service all San Diego area sportfishing boats, whether long range, charter, day, day and half, and even private boats.  We will make whatever arrangements we need to, to make your catch exactly as you desire.

We fillet, smoke or jerky your catch, but unfortunately the smoke and jerky fish take some love and time and are not available with same day service. 

We look forward to handling your personal processing order. You are able wait in our lobby for same day service. Enjoying the view safely from our viewing/lobby, drinking a beer or soda, or even enjoying some snacks, while we process your fish. We also provide free WiFi, and a television so you can catch up on the latest news while you were gone. The Five Star family wants you to feel right at home until we are able to get you on your way completing your fishing experience the best way possible.

With deepest appreciation, 

Andy, Sarah, and the Five Star Crew


Fishy Happenings

Sarah Saraspe and crew, continues to help a great cause. She is an Albacore sponsor with F3G.org. Fish. Food. Feel Good, a San Diego 501(c)3 non-profit whose program and benefits are unlike any other, has one simple goal: collect fish from sport fishermen and distribute this nutritious product to local charities Read more...


Happy  birthday to "Pops", Donny Bonderson!                                                                                      

Five Star Fish Processing, 3826 Sherman St., San Diego, CA. 92110                                 

Phone/Fax (619) 299-9996

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